Trust Me, I Got you

After all the e-mails, campaign ads, fact checking, gaffs and gotchas…in this last week of Decision 2012 what it all comes down to is…who do you trust? Who’s most competent? Who’s truly committed? Who will be there for you when disaster strikes? Who will stand up for you when you need their vote? Who’s got you?

Even though I’ve made my decision, I have no illusions. It’s clear to me that in the everyday trenches of my life, it’s my personal team of close friends, colleagues and family that I depend on. They’ve got me, got my back, got me covered. Most important we’ve got each other, and that’s a fact we never have to check.

Your Clue:

Build closer relationships and connections in your personal and professional life. It’s the faith, trust and belief we have in each other that really counts.