On The Continuum Track

I can see most anything as a continuum. When my thinking is really clear I can recognize that where I am is just a spot along the way.

Take the continuum of Faith and Belief in Me. It starts with a great big dream or vision or maybe just the thought “I CAN.” Then I’m full steam ahead with plans and actions and trials and barriers and interim success. Somewhere along the way, usually just before a crucial, pivotal moment, I come face to face with Doubt.

Sneaky little insignificant intrusions dressed up like, “Should I? and Can I?” cause turmoil in my mind. And then it hits me. Doubt is just a spot along the way on the continuum of Faith and Belief in Me. Before Doubt there was the great “I CAN.”

That means I really don’t have much time to spare fooling around with Doubt. I acknowledge it’s just a thought based in an insecure state of mind; a self-made illusion not worthy of attention, and I choose to move on.

I’ve got to stay on track. I’m on my way to “I DID IT,” so that I can get back to “I CAN,” again.

Your Clue: Remember to use Doubt as a reminder that you’re on a path to great things.