Nurturing Relationships

Before I established the business known as CoachCarruthers, I would travel to Northern California to meet with three other colleagues. We met at least twice a year for three years, exploring and documenting the foundation of a business built on the premise of innate wisdom.

Even though we talked to each other once a month on a regularly scheduled conference call; when we met in person, the time we spent “catching up” was the most immediate item on our agenda and also the most fulfilling.

We found ourselves healing each other, blessing each other, and loving each other unconditionally. Quite a remarkable foundation for planning a business huh? We instinctively knew there was no hurry to complete our “business plan”, because the business of nurturing relationships held even more for us as a true return on our investment.

Now, years later, the fruit of our labor has materialized into a foundation for each of our individual pursuits. We continue to trust that innate wisdom will always offer us clues and direction and our larger purpose becomes clearer every day.

Your Clue: When you take the time to nourish each other, whatever the alliance or relationship, there’s no limit to your potential impact on each other and the world.