How Can I Serve You?

Recently, I had my first lesson on the Bass Guitar. When that first note resonated, an A loud and clear, a smile formed in a vibration that channeled its way straight to my heart. My “teacher”, a great bassist and friend, Geno Arce, smiled with me and as I thanked him for the lesson he replied, “My pleasure.”

What is it about teaching others that brings such pleasure to the teacher? Why does the simple act of sharing your gift or talent or acquired knowledge give you so much more in return?

Tracey and Teacher Geno Arce

I think it has something to do with the connection, that link that binds our hearts and minds in an extraordinary journey towards mutual success. It’s an example of the Principle of Relationships and Connections. When I serve you by sharing what I’ve learned, that spirit of giving fuels both of our lives with collective wisdom and perspective. When I serve you by showing you a way that has served me well, it opens the way to more learning and discovery that lifts our relationship to yet another level, and makes both of us feel good and valued and whole.

Our Clue:

It’s not what you can do for me; it’s what I can do for you that in turn, does so much for us all.