Every time I think of the concept of Faith, the image that comes to mind is Indiana Jones in “The Last Crusade.” Believing in the findings of his father’s historic diary, Indiana summons every ounce of faith in his being and steps out into the abyss onto an unseen bridge that appears and spans the chasm to lead him to the Holy Grail and a cure for his dying father. Yes, I know, it’s only a movie. Yet every day in so many ways, I find myself digging deep for that same breadth of faith to support me across the chasms of my doubt and lead me to the realization of my dreams.

Our Clue:

As Indiana’s father said in the move, “You must believe, you must believe.” We each come here with everything we need, innate capacities, to achieve all our dreams. All we have to do is believe that those capacities will never fail us…and like the unseen bridge…will always be there. All we have to do is step out on faith.