2012 Decisions, Decisions

It’s that time again. Time to vet the candidates; examine the front runners and the wannabe front runners… time to decide if we want to stay the course and keep the faith.

We’re in for months of seven second sound bites, in and out of context, and a constant barrage of vitriolic hyperbole. There’s going to be so much noise out there this year that the best we can hope for is that someway, somehow, we will find a way to ferret out the truth. But how do you discern the truth, your truth…that inner voice of clarity and insight that informs your decisions…from all the other noise?

Maybe it would not feel like such a daunting task if we had a better understanding of how we make decisions, thousands, everyday.

First something happens…we see the car of our dreams. Then we think about it…the cost, the value, the gas mileage versus the prestige. The key is not to get caught up in the content of our thinking…what we think…our own noise. It is much more beneficial to pay attention to how we think…the quality of our thinking…our state of mind.

That’s our clue. Our feelings actually serve as an indication of the quality of our thinking.

Next we get a feeling. That’s our clue. Our feelings actually serve as an indication of the quality of our thinking. We decide what to do and what to say based on how we feel. So pay attention to your feelings. For example if we feel compelled to buy that car today that’s an indication that our state of mind is in no condition to support a clear, effective decision. Nothing insightful comes from a compelled state of mind. If we feel comfortable, and satisfied, that’s a sign that we are thinking clearly and we can trust our decisions.

So don’t get caught up in the noise whatever the source. Your answers reside inside, in the quiet assurance and clarity that comes from a clear state of mind. The faith you have to keep is in your innate capacity to tap into your own wisdom and discernment, in your own time. Then you can make your decisions and cast your vote. And even if the outcome is not to your liking, you’ll get a chance to do it all over again in 2016.