Coaching Services

My mission is to help you develop a focused, sustainable Leadership State of Mind. I coach, and teach you to listen, lead, and coach, from the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.

FOUNDATION GROUNDING: A basic understanding of the Tenets of Clear, Effective Thinking

  • Clarity
  • Listening
  • Innate Capacities
  • Coaching
  • Leading
  • Alignment
  • Purpose
We share relevant stories, listening for clarity, discerning the truth beyond the words. Reflective questions mirror the relevance of our innate capacities. Insights lead to options and common sense solutions.

IN THE DISCOVERY PHASE:  You gain access to and learn to have faith in your Innate Capacities for Creativity, Perspective, Insight, Analysis, Common Sense, Organized Thought, and Wisdom just to name a few.

What evolves is a commitment to live a life fueled by Clear, Effective Thinking.

DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH: Requires dedication to continuous improvement to sustain a Leadership State of Mind.


Leadership Sessions

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Individual Focus, Leadership Development.

Small Group Session

Maximum Four Participants -- Share Insights and Challenges.

Telephone Coaching

Ideal for Busy Entrepreneurs - Flexible, Individual Focus.


Relevant Topics - Live Q&A - Increase Your Ability to Make Wise and Timely Decisions.

CEOs and Executive Teams

Recurring Sessions - Ideally Combined with C-Level Meetings and Retreats.

Transfer of Competency Workshops

Three day Off-Site - for Coaches, Consultants and Human Resource Specialists.

C-Level Symposiums

Specifically Designed for C-Level Executives.

They Say!

  • Alan Homewood
    "Tracey adds great value and insight into helping an individual grow within themselves which leads to external results. As a company we found her contributions have such impact that we felt there was great value in her developing a comprehensive long term leadership program for the entire organization."
    Alan Homewood,
    Chairman, Founder,
  • Max Viltz Max Viltz
    “Tracey is a really, really, really good Executive Coach. She has helped me access the focus I need to maintain my professional and personal equilibrium. We call it Maximizing!” Max Viltz,
    Entrepreneur, Artistic Consultant,
    Business and Community Leader
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