Alan Homewood

"Tracey adds great value and insight into helping an individual grow within themselves which leads to external results. As a company we found her contributions have such impact that we felt there was great value in her developing a comprehensive long term leadership program for the entire organization."

Alan Homewood,
Chairman, Founder,

Max Viltz

“Tracey is a really, really, really good Executive Coach. She has helped me access the focus I need to maintain my professional and personal equilibrium. We call it Maximizing!”


Max Viltz,
Entrepreneur, Artistic Consultant,
Business and Community Leader

Brandon A. Ward

"Tracey's mentoring, teaching and coaching allow me to read between the lines of the experiences of my life, and harvest the messages that germinate within."

Brandon A. Ward,
Graphics Artist,

D. Showell

"This is better than a third cup of coffee! Thanks Tracey.

D. Showell, Sr. Director
Transportation Solutions

S.E. Willis

"My very first session with Tracey helped me connect to something deep down inside me.  It was like an whole perspective has changed."

S. E. Willis, Media Consultant

Tom Dailey

"Tracey has that rare ability to connect in a way that invites you to look at your beliefs without bruising the ego."



Tom Dailey, CEO,

Craig Andrews

"She challenged my thought process resulting in my having insights I had never experienced before.  I am a better facilitator, manager, father, and person for having known Tracey."

Craig Andrews, Internal Consultant, R. R. Donnelley

Phyllis Battle

"I finally learned how to listen. For years I've been hearing what I wanted to hear; asking the same question, getting the same answer and not getting it. After learning to listen with focus and clarity, I finally got it. Thank you Tracey. I'm moving on doing what's good for me with clear purpose and direction."


Phyllis Battle

Discover Financial Services, Inc.

"Tracey combines her own corporate/consulting/life experiences and insights with a unique delivery style that has helped our senior executives open their minds and work more effectively together as a team."


David Nelms, CEO, Chairman 
Discover Financial Services, Inc.

Norma T. Hollis Companies

"Tracey has a wonderful way of helping me see myself.  She "mirrors" my feelings and grounds me with an understanding of how my thinking relates to my professional and personal goals and objectives.  As a result I am able to conduct business and live my life with less tension and more peaceful success."


Norma T. Hollis, President/CEO
Norma Hollis Companies