Vacation is a State of Mind

This month I begin a four week vacation to Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, and Scotland, with a little Olympics just for fun. I have a habit of going on vacation before I leave. I like to think of myself as already gone. At least that’s how I used to think. And I would miss some things. Now I know that I have to be here, focused and conscious until I actually get on board and curl up in my seat to sleep for hours straight. This new, deliberate thought habit is organized, purposeful, efficient and full of expectation. It works. And if per chance it all doesn’t get done in time, I’m okay with that too.

I’m in a vacation state of mind, and that’s about as clear and effective as I can get. Your Clue: Wouldn’t it be interesting to live in a vacation state of mind more often…clear, effective, deliberate, purposeful, expecting the best? That’s a thought habit that would truly serve our needs before, during and after vacation. Have a great Summer.

©2012 Tracey E. Carruthers
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