True Happiness

When I first published Life Under the Influence of Clear, Effective Thinking I was humbled by the initial response.  Everywhere I went friends and fans stopped me to say, "I'm so proud of you and I ordered your book."  Some mailed me their copy to autograph. Others bought several copies as gifts for friends.  I got e-mails and phone calls and testimonials from people who experienced insights that helped them resolve a challenge or discover their own truth. One call was from a client, a CEO, who had read the entire book while on vacation, a huge compliment in itself.  He told me how happy he was for me and then he asked me, "So, are you happy?"

I was caught off guard for a moment, and then I realized that I was so happy, it hadn't even occurred to me to measure what I was feeling. It's the purest state of mind I've ever experienced.

True Happiness is beyond measure, beyond words and definitely beyond thought.  It feels so special, like a "once in a lifetime" feeling. I hope not.

Your Clue: True Happiness is the reward of persistence, and the by-product of your courage and faith in yourself.  Never give up.


©2012 Tracey E. Carruthers
Note: Tracey E. Carruthers is an executive coach and founder of may "reprint" copies of Clues You Can Use Articles on-line as long as they remain complete and unaltered including this note. Please send links to your reprints below.

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